Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Essential

The Little Prince is a sacred book to me. It is about a man who is stranded in the desert and meets The Little Prince, a young man who is visiting from another planet. The Little Prince is on a journey to get a little space from what he considers some of the problems in his small world, namely a rose who needs a lot of attention.

The Little Prince also finds a few friends along the way one of whom is a fox who shares a simple yet vital secret with him. The fox tells The Little Prince, "One cannot see well except with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes."

A few months ago, I was on a journey of my own. I found myself sitting with a group of close friends in the living room of Gratitude, a special house overlooking the Maine coastline, while I read the fox's passage to my friends.

Just like The Little Prince, I discovered something about my world. It's perfect. Perfect because of the way I love it, the way my heart is connected to it. even with its problems. I belong to it and it belongs to me.

The formula for this understanding is simple, look with your heart.

Yoga gives us this perspective. It trains our inward vision and teaches us to trust our heart more than our eyes.

I hope to see you in yoga this week.



fastgrrrl said...

Ok. A couple of things.

First. I love your synapses of Le Petit: "namely a rose who needs a lot of attention." You made me smile. I love this story too. For always. I need to read it again. The timing seems perfect.

Second. I love your personalized "hey, so let me ease your worried mind" directions after the "Leave your comment" header in the comments section here. I can just hear you: "So... no worries, K?"

Third. I am reprimanding myself for not finding out who that band was that they were playing at the Woodshed on Saturday night post BB King. But because that is pretty much my only regret this week, I can live with it. If you become privy to the identity, please make me privy too.

See you Thursday, Scotty.

Scottro said...

Thanks, fastgrrrl. Thanks for stopping by the yoga forum.

Emily said...

Le Petit Prince is one of my favorite books since high school...I was actually reading it to the girls at Samaya when the whole drama/trauma happened. Anyway, even though I can no longer attend your classes I still so look forward to reading your thoughts each week. Thank you for sharing the gift of you with me.