Sunday, April 26, 2009

Riding the Wave

What we need, what we really want is here. Now. It's about learning to get still and allow your mind to process exactly what's happening at this moment. Don't second guess, rationalize, justify. Simply be honest with yourself about what is real for you in this moment. There is nothing good or bad here. There is only the reality of what is.

So, rather than spending enormous amounts of time planning for a future that logically sounds like a good idea, how about instead getting really clear with what's going on with you in this moment. Sink deep inside yourself and get really clear with your current emotions, thoughts, worries, fears, joy, pain, grief, etc. Once we are clear with what is, with what makes us feel alive, (knowing that all of this could change tomorrow) we've established where we are on our map of our path, our Dharma. Then, with this real information we can skillfully choose our next step. We'll begin to see where our destiny (Dharma, the path of our life, our Truth) begins to direct us. As we bravely follow this path, nothing will feel so natural. Then we can offer another step forward toward a direction that makes complete sense. This doesn't absolve us from problems, but at least we'll know that we are leading the life that was meant for us.

I was recently invited to participate in a sweat lodge ceremony conducted by a Lakota medicine man who travels the world sharing sprit. He is very gentle, honest and real. Together he and I were preparing for the ceremony by digging the fire pit and began talking. These are often my greatest teaching moments, indeed part of the ceremony. I asked him how he made his connections all over the world. He stopped digging rocks, put his hands on his shovel and looked me in the eyes and said, "I'm surfing. I'm just riding the wave of my passion and this is where it takes me. Are you following your passion?" He was asking if I was following my Dharma.

Are you following your passion? Come to yoga, get still, and see where your Dharma is leading you.


Anonymous said...

So SL I have said for sometime now...

welcome to whatever it is.

Anonymous said...

This We Have NowThis we have now is not imagination
This is not grief or joy.
Not a judging state or an elation,
or sadness, Those come and go.

This is the presence that doesn’t.
This is the presence that doesn’t.

When grapes turn to wine
they’re wanting this
When the night sky pours by
it‘s really a crowd of beggars
and they all want some of this.
This we have now.

Jalaluddin Rumi (1207-1273)

Catherine said...

Very thought provoking and on point, Scott. For me it is much easier said than done. Thank you.

Kathleen said...

So funny how you mirror some of my dreams .... had one before Monday where I was in a sailboat, one with beautiful lines, very seaworthy, and some BIG waves ahead. (I usually associate these in my dreams with big emotions, waves of grief, or other tough ones.) And I was scared but faced the boat in the right direction ... very important not to capsize here as I was starting out essentially from the beach ... and hit the waves head on. They cut through like butter and I found I began to enjoy it and have so much fun.

Now to just get that paint on the brush and canvas, or paper TODAY!!!!

thanks Scott.