Sunday, July 19, 2009

Join the Dance

Everything, down to the last molecule in the last corner of the universe, is moving. As we seek to find stillness for body, mind, and spirit, ours is not to hold up our hands and try to arrest this inevitable motion. Instead, we are to join the dance--and by so doing, find the stillness that comes from moving in tandem with the larger motion, like a surfer riding a wave, like friends walking together, like the fluid motion of a yoga class. Please join me this week, as we enter the dance of life, and thereby find stillness.

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Anonymous said...

Class was like strapping into one of those tunnel rides at Disneyland. You are riding in this little car on tracks into this place and you have no idea what’s going to happen in there, but once you get going there is no fear and you love it. Before you know it you come out the other end smiling from ear to ear, all wide eyed with your hair all messed up. You undo the seat belt and step back into your life even though you are walking a little funny - and it’s like stepping onto a moving sidewalk. Effortless transport. Stillness in motion. Grace and ease. My life IS The Ride and I can feel like this any time I want. Well... Almost anytime I want ;)