Tuesday, June 28, 2011

According to the Gospel of Freemont.

There are many kinds of churches. This past Sunday, I attended Fishing Church. I was moved by the angelic hymns of the birds. I performed the ritual of casting: ten o’clock, two o’ clock, ten o’clock, two o’ clock, release. I felt the holy spirit of the wind move through me the same way it rippled through the marsh grasses.

I learned something profound from the gospel of Freemont (the Freemont River). I learned that I must go with the flow of things. As I stood in the water casting my line, it dawned on me that this is what the Universe seems to be saying over and over to me. Whatever I hope for, work for, whatever I desire, be that answers to questions, solutions to life’s complications, or a fat rainbow trout, I can’t reach in and grab it. The “fish” is much too sly for that. What I can do is put myself in right relationship with it. I must align myself to my environment. To catch this fish, I must look at the placement of the sun to ensure that it’s feeding time, careful that my shadow isn’t cast upon the water. I must notice the speed and depth of the river, must notice which insects are floating around. All this helps me choose how and when and with what, and then as I cast my line into the water, my hope is to align my fly with the current, unperturbed, unmechanical. I gotta move with the flow or the fish won’t buy it.

Sometimes all I had to do was simply stay put, grounded in one place and watch the river run, the wind flow, and the sun move around me. Then other times that hole had no lovin’ and I needed to move on. This too was practicing being in the flow.
Obviously, I’m still learning to be in the flow because no fish found their way onto my clumsy line that sacred Sunday. No worries. I wasn’t there necessarily to catch fish, but rather I was just practicing fishing and enjoying the fruits of being there. I was Practicing being in the flow.

In yoga, we practice flowing with the current of our breath and heartbeat and by aligning body with breath. We float on the current of steadiness and ease. We ride gravity and lift. We flow in the current of practicing with a group of people. Come practice being in the flow of a great yoga class.

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