Sunday, March 15, 2009

Open the Windows and Air Out Your Soul.

Get out your running shoes. Put away your snow boots. Put away your thermals. Find your swimsuit, or at least a pair of shorts.Put away your heavy coat. Start saying your goodbyes to the the ski season. Go to Contender and tune up your bike. Store your snow shovel. Open the windows and air out your soul after a long winter of hibernating. This is our last week of a long, cold, winter.

This Friday, at exactly 11:44 am, the sun will make its grand appearance at exactly half way up the horizon. It's a foreshadowing of the hot months to come. This Friday, we will be blessed with as many daylight hours as nighttime hours as the sun rises directly east and sets directly west.

The spring equinox is one of those cosmically sacred times of the year that marks an exact quarter-turn around the sun. It's a time for us to pause and thank the Powers That Be that the sun is coming back. The warmth of brightness and hope and resolve is rising.

The spring equinox It's a great time to remember our intentions we made at the beginning of the year and see how things are progressing. If one of those intentions was to do more yoga, kindly get your asana to class.

Winter is a great time to hibernate and meditate. To make intentions. Find stillness. But now it's time to balance the mindfulness with with movement. Let's get some fresh air! In yoga, the balance between activity (Rajas) and stillness (Tamas) is called Satva. It is one of the qualities known as the Gunas. This week, I invite you to reflect on your intentions you made at the beginning of the year and asess. Make adjustments if you need to.

Come to yoga and let's practice some of this balance into Satva with a little movement, breath, and mindfulness. Let's put some action to our mindfulness and air out our soul.

See you in class!

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mrl said...

Oh man. Thank you so much for this today. It is exactly what I need energetically in my life right now. I started this celebration of life and movement and warmth last night as I went to dance church at flow yoga in that beautiful space, and danced until my feet were in too much pain to dance any more. I'll continue the dance of life and get my asana to class soon. Thanks!