Sunday, June 21, 2009

Radical Simplification

When something isn't working in life, if you feel stuck with some sort of quandary, often the best remedy is radical simplification. Simplify to the point where our body, mind, and spirit can digest easily and clearly the task at hand. Simplification means choosing to release the unessential. Simplification means finding what for you is most essential, what makes you feel the most alive, then organizing your life to place your energy there. It means choosing what is superfluous and letting it go.

One mode of radical simplification is to connect back to our bodies through the grounding practice of yoga. In yoga things boil down to inhale and exhale, expansion and contraction, tension and release. And from that simple, most basic place, our awareness opens up and we see clearly from the vantage point of our True Self, that deceptively simple place of being.

While doing yoga this week, we'll practice simplifying by focusing on our breath. Breath is such a simple yet essential part of our practice. It is one of the secrets to find our True Self through the union of body, mind and spirit. As we focus on our breath and the simple practice of connecting to our body, my hope is that we leave class feeling freedom and clarity as well as a deeper understanding of what is essential in our lives. I hope to see you in class this week.

Outside of class, may I also invite your to consider ways in which you could simplify your life. Try sitting in meditation for 10 minutes every day this week and contemplate how to simplify life.


~Karen Michelle Bayard~ said...

Your timing Scott, is perfect. I have been reading "In Praise of Slowness." As my life gets BIGGER I notice I am wanting to find ways to get back to basics for balance and peace of mind. I love the work that I do and could do it ALL DAY....yet I know that being present with my body through movement and breath is key for me on my vibrant living journey. Thank you for the reminder and the many ways you invite us all to simply BE.

~Karen Michelle Bayard~ said...

Join me in reading IN PRAISE OF SLOWNESS.

Luburke said...

The timing is perfect for your thoughts Scott. I've been sucessful in putting a protective bubble around my Christmas Holiday months but now as I'm finding myself bouncing from one vacation to the next with only days in between I'm wondering what the H(*&(* I'm doing!
Thanks for the reminder to Keep It Simple.
I've also read In Praise of Slowness. Great book.

Jonathon said...

Building a business simplifying is one of the key elements to staying focused on the reasons I started my business in the first place and what my higher goals are. Coming back to those basics everything else seems to be put back into place and run smooth. ^^

Brandi said...

It pretty much always boils down to "breath", the best reduction sauce in the world.

Aline said...

So I'd be open to comments from you.
Sometimes I get the feeling of "stuckness" in a certain relationship and I'd love to feel more freedom and clarity. What are your thoughts regarding simplicity that might apply to letting this relationship be as it is .....or ending it ......or changing it......?

Scottro said...


To me, one way of simplifying a relationship means forgetting the complex expectations of a relationship and enjoying the simple pleasures with a person. What do you enjoy sharing together? Do that for the sake of doing it and see what spontaneously grows out of that. Give simple things like praise and thanks for the simple things.

Also, I'm thinking that gentle honesty is another great way to simplify a relationship. Say what's in your heart with respect and let the consequences work themselves out, most likely for the better.

If it feels like the relationship is chronically complicated, then consider simplifying your own life by giving yourself some space for a while.

Take that all with a grain of salt.