Monday, January 6, 2014

Driving Heat

There is a principle in the Yoga Sutras called Tapas which means essentially the heat necessary for transformation. We cultivate this heat in many ways, including our yoga practice. Sometimes we might feel the heat of every-day challenges, opportunities to grow that are shaping us moment by moment and sometimes the result transforms our hearts and efforts into beautiful things. In fact, Leonard Cohen said of this heat, "If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash."

As we dwell in the darkest and coldest part of the winter let's use this idea of Tapas, of  heat, to transform us through some of the ice that sometimes surrounds our hearts, arrests our bodies, or slows our efforts of moving toward what we truly desire. Let's let this transforming fire of yoga drive us forward toward whatever it is we might possibly dream for ourselves for 2014. This is the time of the year to take on heat and let it move you.

Join me in class. It will feel great and will fuel your motions toward your personal transformation.


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